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***     Pension payments will be suspended temporally from August 2018 for the pensioners who not submitted their life certificates for the year 2018.    ***     Please be noted that the deadline for the WnOP Re-Registration will be extended to 31st October 2018.    ***     Pension payments will be suspended temporally from June 2018 for the pensioners who obtain pensions via High Commissions and not submitted life certificates for the year 2018 until 25.05.2018.    ***    

About Us




Department Song


A Pensioners’ community highly satisfied in economic and social aspects


Offering Legal benefits to pensioners of public services and their beneficiaries, ensuring satisfaction of both recipients as well as service providers at an excellent level intertwining public sector with private sector through applications of modern technology and sustainable management techniques


  • To provide the best safety net for the retired government servants and their families
    • Life Long Provisions
    • Widow and Widowers
    • Differently Abled
    • Inter Generational provision
  • To retain desires of government servant
  • To promote service integrity


  • To monitor the process for offering pension benefits of public servants in consistent with Pension Minute and W&OP Act and impose relevant provisions
  • To award the pension to retired officers of public service in consistent with legal frameworks, rules and regulations and policy decisions in relation to the pension
  • To ensure uninterrupted payment of monthly pension and award accurately the benefit which is paid once and for all
  • To monitor the Public Servants Provident Fund and offer benifits
  • To collect contributions for W&OP and other revenues on behalf of the Government and their management
  • To maintain and promote effective links with the units which prepare pension and banks and payment network connecting to the payment of pension
  • To assist for the formulation of policies on modern social security systems whilst studying the global trends on social security
  • To ensure accountability to the legislature on the preparation of annual budget and its progress
  • To obtain contribution of private and non government sectors for identification and implementation of pregrammes required to ensure social and economic welfare of pensioners’ community
  • To make civil society centering pensioners’ associations the active partners in divisional development process
  • To be the avant-garde to build intergenerational relationship

Value Statement

To lend the hand to ensure social and economic satisfaction of pensioners’ community whilst respecting professional skills of internal and external recipients and partners, keeping trust on their capabilities, giving prime place to their integrity in profession, establishing procedures and standards , ensuring the accuracy in financial processes and introducing necessary innovations, ensuring transparency in management processes and decisions and promoting sustainable utilization of water, electricity and other physical and biological resources


  • 1. Respect
    • To pay ensure maximum respect and admiration for the skills and seniority of internal and external recipients
  • 2. Trust
    • To keep trust for the contribution of senior pensioners, partners and service providers
  • 3. Integrity
    • To implement rules, regulations, laws, methodologies applied in service delivery and the decisions of officers in fair and just approach for the benefit of all
  • 4. Accuracy
    • To offer the exact benefit to the correct person on due date in consistent with financial standards and policies when offering pensions and making relevant payments
  • 5. Innovative
    • To maintain internal processes with a futuristic vision introducing necessary modifications in consistent with the dynamic environment, timely possibilities and contemporary necessities
  • 6. Sustainability
    • To make all modifications familiar in life style by way of ensuring their continuous usage and ensuring sustainable usage of water, electricity and other physical resources utilized in the internal process