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03/2015 (Revision II) Obtaining Pension Benifits on the date of Retirement circular released.     ***     04/2016 Agrahara insuarance for pensioners circular released.     ***     Special Letter - EB examination for Document Assistant released..      ***      Special Letter - forward pension files of foreign pensioners to DoP released...      ***      Special Letter - Award pension for gov.officers who appointed after 45 years age...

Officers of the Department of Pension made Aware on the RIA.

Special awareness programme was held to aware the Department Officers on the Right to Information Act No 12 of 2016 at the Department Auditorium on 19.05.2015.This programme was held as a one programme of the series of programmes conducted by the Ministry of Parliament Affairs and Mass Media in order to aware the Government Institutions that do not

possess wider understanding on the legal frame though the Act was effected from 03.02.2017. The officers were made aware significantly on the special provisions of the said Act by the senior expertise Government Officer Mr.Piyathissa Ranasinghe. Further limitations when releasing information to the Public as per the provisions made under the act were explained

highlighting the right to information is owned by the Public. Specially the procedure of implementing the provisions when dealing with the personal data transactions as an institute which maintain large amount of pension files related to the pensioners were also discussed . Director General Mr.M.A Jagath D Dias, Staff officers, Divisional Heads and other officers were also participated.