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Department of Pensions signed a new agreement with the Fair First Insurance Company on 24.05.2017 at the Department premises related to the Buhuman Insurance which was successfully implemented during last three years as the Health Insurance for respective pensioners community with the purpose to ensure the retirement

life of the respective pensioners who contributed a significant duration of their life for the progress of Government Service.Bellow benefits are offered accordingly the new agreement signed by the Department of Pensions and Fair First, to the beneficiary without increasing the financial installment charged currently under the Buhuman Insurance Scheme.Extending the existing Health Insurance Scheme age of 75 years of the pensioner to 90 years.

Incresement of the benefits offered to the beneficiary at the hospital admission, Medicine ,Medical Facilities and Lab reports up to the age 65 under the three insurance schemes respectively Rs.10,000,Rs.15,000,Rs.20, 000.Colombo RE Insurance Brokers, the pioneer and the introducer of this Buhuman Insurance Scheme is working as the broker for the latest introduction and officials including Director General of the Department of Pensions,Jagath D.Dias and Chief Executive Officer of the Fair First Insurance Sajeev Ja were presented at the occasion.