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Payment of Disability Pension for Orphans
Monday, 19 December 2011 06:14
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1. Mental or physical disability must be either at birth or before exceeding the age limit prescribed for orphans.

2. When not disabled at birth, payment of pension is allowed from the date approved by Medical Board.

3. When the Director-General is satisfied that a child is disabled, the child  must be referred to a medical board.

4. Power of making pension to orphans on such ground like property ownership, family income and other sources of income of orphan and leading a married life and the ability of eking out one's own livelihood by an orphan, is vested in the Director-General of Pensions.

5. This pension could cease upon the holder being imprisoned, an anti-social element and delinquent or resided abroad.

6. Suitable care-taker must be appointed for those disabled who cannot handle money matters.  The care-taker should spend this whole pension only for the livelihood of orphan.

7. Director-General of Pensions has the power of ordering the payment of pension or a percentage thereof.

8. There should be no heirs, dependents or attornies-at-law in respect of this pension

9. Orphans not fully disabled at birth must be referred to a medical board once in every 5 years.

10. These regulations must be implemented by the Director-General of Pensions and appeals aginst any decision given by him could be made to the Secretary to the Ministry of Public Administration and Home Affairs  and the Secretary's decision shall be final.

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