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 The actions have been taken to issue the life certificate applications which shall be submitted by the pensioners at the every year end and salary slip by now. Accordingly, the relevant documents will be distributed to the retired officers by post through the divisional secretariats island wide via Grama Niladharis.

Also pensioner now can obtain the annual the life certificate free of charge by visiting the official website of the Department of Pensions, www.pensions.gov.lk or by the Divisional Secretariat you belong to. The Department of Pensions is also emphasizing to all the pensioners that external party intervene or payment is not required when obtaining life certificates. The dully filled life certificate shall be submitted to your Divisional Secretariat before 31.03.2020 attesting by the Grama Niladhari and the letter of the Director General of Pensions No. Pen / DS / LC / 2020 and dated 06.12.2019 has informed the pensions of the pensioners who do not submit their life certificates before that date will be suspended from May 2020.

Further information can be obtained directly from Pension Division of Divisional Secretariat or District Secretariat.


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  The government had declared the October 08 th of every year as National Pensioneers’ Day in order to pay the nation’s tribute for senior citizens of the nation, who have rendered their knowledge, skills and attitudes day and night to create a prosperous country for the future generation dedicating the best period of their lifetime for the upliftment of the nation.

Accordingly, the National Pensioners’ Day was celebrated at Nelum Pokuna Theatre on October 08 th 2019 with the participation of Prime Minister of the Sri Lanka Democratic and Socialist Republic Hon. Ranil Wickramasinghe, Minister of Public Administration, Management and Livestock Development Ranjith Madduma Bandara with the direction of Secretary of Minister of Public Administration, Management and Livestock Development, Mr.J.J. Rathnasiri this time to felicitate the valuable service, celebrating the every senior citizens proudly.

Around thousands of senior retired citizens representing the various divisional secretariats and pension unions of the island were participated for this programme launched by the Department of Pensions under the entire supervision and guidance of the Director General of Pensions adjoining with the leading private institutions.

The National Pensioneers’ Day which gifted a few hours of entertainment of dancing drama and singings for retired citizens was colured by the Eastern Music Band of Sri Lanka Army in dancing and drama. Veteran TV and stage actor Rodney Warnakula's comedy performance was able to add a fresh light to the stage.

After the address of the Prime Minister of the Sri Lanka Democratic and Socialist Republic Hon. Ranil Wickramasinghe, Minister of Public Administration, Management and Livestock Development Ranjith Madduma Bandara offered the greetings for the pensioners on behalf of the National Pensioners’ Day 2019.

The keynote speech on behalf of this year's National Pensioneers’ Day was delivered by a leading human skills development specialist of the country, Mr. Sanath Gamage. His speech, involved with practical activities to overcome negative attitudes connected with old age mentality was won the appreciation of the audience.

Number of leading private establishments in Sri Lanka had contributed their sincere cooperation for this celebration. Accordingly, the new technological application introduced for senior citterns called “Sri Lanka pensions app” of Dialogue Axiata PLC was also launched at the same date. The National Pensioners’ Day 2019 which brought a light for the retirement life of the senior citizens of Sri Lanka was successfully concluded.  

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  Two training programmes on productivity and employee motivation was held on 01.08.2019 at the department auditorium, with the purpose to improve the efficiency of the officers of Department of Pensions who are in service dedicating own knowledge and time to perform the pension payment process in order to perform the pension payment process of the pensioner community of approx 06 lacks efficiently and accurately.

A productivity training programmes on productivity, misconceptions on the productivity and use of productivity for own duty life was conducted by the productivity development officer of the Proclivity Secretariat Ms.Senani Dharshika and resource contribution for the training programme on employee motivation was provided by Assistant Director of Combined Service Manoj Amarasinghe.

Public Management Assistants’ Service, Development Officers’ Service and Pension Officers’ Service were participated for the first phase of this series of programme organized for employee motivation. .