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Circular Number Circular Name Circular Date
06/2023 Introducing the Remittance Management System relevant to the Widows'/Widowers' and Orphans' Pension of the officers,who obtain no pay leave to be spent in or out of the Island as per Public Administration Circular 14/2022 and other revisions to the Circular 2023-12-29
03/2021 (I) Provide benefits to the dependents pf Tri-Forces and Police Personnel including Special Task Force who passed away during the war 2023-12-28
05/2023 Revision of Pension of Tri-Forces through online system 2023-12-27
01/2009 (Revision II) Payment of Disabled and Orphans' Pension 2023-12-01
09/2015(Revison V) Granting Death Gratuity to eligible dependants of the officers,who were appointed to permanent and pensionable posts in the Public Service after 01.01.2016 and demised while in service 2023-12-01
04/2023 Implementing the insurance plan "Buhuman" for the benefit of retired senior citizens 2023-11-17
03/2023 Payments of pension during year 2024 2023-11-07
06/2022 (Amendment I) Instructions for the recovery of contributions to Widows'/Widowers' and Orphans' pensions from the officers go overseas on employment as per the Public Administration Circular No.14/2022 2023-06-09
02/2023 (Amendment I) Re-employment of Retired Public Officers 2023-06-06
03/2008 (Amendment I) Recovery of Cintributions towards Widows/Widowers and Orphans Pension 2023-06-01