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The meritorious programme of “Dharma Deshana” organized by the welfare society and staff of the Department of Pensions, parallel to the National Programme of Declaring Thripitaka as a World Heritage, was held on 22.03.2019 at the department premises. The Dharma Deshana was delivered by The Most Venerable Thero of Mahmewunawa Asapuwa, Kaduwela reminding the value of preserving the noble Thripitaka Dhamma as humble Buddhists. He further emphasized the sincere preparation to study the Thripitaka Dhamma deeply, parallel to the National Programme of Declaring this deep collection of Thripitaka Dhamma as a World Heritage being a nation who preserved the Thripitaka Dhamma transformed orally over generations by a Most Venerable Arahath Thero. The staff officers including Director General of Pensions, A. Jagath. D. Dias, Additional Director General of Pensions K. R. Pathmapriya, Director Rusitha Dharmasena participated for this meritorious programme.