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 Conversion of pension of all public officers, officers of tri forces and their widows who are retired until 31.12.2016 parallel to the salary schemes of public service 2017 in accordance with the budget proposal 2019 is being implemented and a discussion pragramme with the divisional secretaries was held on 20.06.2019 at the department auditorium as the sixth phase of the progamme implemented to aware the public officers on the new procgramme initiated by the department of pensions on salary adjustments. It was mentioned that pension increased subjecting to the maximum limit of 43% for the officers perfected the 25 years service period at the conversion scheduled to perform taking into consideration of the service period the retired public officers served. It was discussed that the monthly expenditure for pensions may increase in Rs. 2000 million with this salary incensement. Further, the method of using the information technological tool introduced improving the information technological system to perform the pension conversion process online by the public officers and how the divisional secretaries shall refer the officers for the task of pension conversion were deeply discussed. Also the Director General of Pensions A.Jagath.D Dias, requested from all divisional secretaries to provide their sincere cooperation to convert the pension of majority of pensions as at the effective date of pension conversion effected as mentioned 01st of July 2019. Director General of Pensions A.Jagath.D Dias, Additional Director of Pensions K.R.Pathmapriya and staff officers and divisional secretaries were participated to the this discussion. .