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  Two training programmes on productivity and employee motivation was held on 01.08.2019 at the department auditorium, with the purpose to improve the efficiency of the officers of Department of Pensions who are in service dedicating own knowledge and time to perform the pension payment process in order to perform the pension payment process of the pensioner community of approx 06 lacks efficiently and accurately.

A productivity training programmes on productivity, misconceptions on the productivity and use of productivity for own duty life was conducted by the productivity development officer of the Proclivity Secretariat Ms.Senani Dharshika and resource contribution for the training programme on employee motivation was provided by Assistant Director of Combined Service Manoj Amarasinghe.

Public Management Assistants’ Service, Development Officers’ Service and Pension Officers’ Service were participated for the first phase of this series of programme organized for employee motivation. . 

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  An awareness programme to aware the accountants serving in divisional secretariats in Colombo districts on the special programme arranged by the department for the pension revision inquiring the latest situation of the Colombo district pension revisions implemented and in progress in island wide divisional secretariats as per Public Administration Circular No.14/2019, was held at the department auditorium on 01.08.2019.

The workshops have been implemented in order to aware the accountants and pension officers who are serving in related to the pension revision in Colombo district in several phases before and after the issuance of Public Administration Circular No.14/2019 on the pension revision of public service officers, tri force officers retired before 01.12.2016 and their widows’ and orphans’ recipients.

A training on the operations of this IT software designed for the pension revision process by the department during the workshop was held again with the purpose to expedite the entitlement of benefits to the pensioners improving the efficiency of the pension revision and the solutions were provided for the problems encountered while make salary conversion with the software.

The instructions were granted to the officers in the Colombo districts by the Additional Director General of Pensions, K.R.Pathmapriya to arrange the necessary arrangements to grant the benefits expeditiously for all the pensioners in the Western Province comparing the progress of pension revision the Colombo district with the other districts in western province.

Additional Director General of Pensions, K.R.Pathmapriya, Chief Accountant, A.D.T.N. Abesingha, Director (administration) K.R.A.Dharmasena and Assistant Director (Information Technology and Policy) Bhuddhika Amal Jayathissa and Chief Accountant of Colombo District Secretariat, G.Jayweera and accountants and pension officers of divisional secretariats were participated for this event. . .  

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  The salary conversion process of the public officers, tri force officers, retired until 31.12.2016 and their recipients of W&OP in accordance with budget proposals 2019 is expeditiously performed in all divisional secretariats across the island. Meanwhile, several divisional secretariats have successfully adjusted the relevant pensions in respect of Government Pensions Scheme 2017. The all staffs, including the pension officers of other divisional secretariats are also engaged in the process of salary conversion expeditiously performing day and night duties. The Department of Pensions has designed a Information Technology System, for pension conversions, therefore the pension computations are being carried out in hundred present accuracy, transparency and expeditiously. The computations of the pensions are performed as per the accurate salary codes and pension percentages automatically, therefore an ability to convert pensions rather the time spend for manual computations is granted herein. Adding the revised pensions to the pensions was initiated since July, and Department of Pensions believes that pension conversion of all pensioners will be completed within the upcoming two months. Further, a series of training programs implemented by the Department to aware the public officers on the new salary conversion process is still in continuously progress. Accordingly, number of training programs on divisional secretariats level was also implemented. Some photos of those workshops and officers involved in the pension conversion are included bellow.