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The WOP registration system is to be changed from 12-02-2016     ***     New Circular 8/2015 on NFC enabled pensioners id released..See circulars      ***      Second E.B Examination for Document Assistant Results Released..See Special Letters

Recent News

photo Department of Pension provided Laptops to Divisional Secretariats
Whilst marking the final stage of the supply of laptops to officers who are performing the duties connecting to the network of Department of Pensions and attached to District and Divisional Secretariats, an event was taken place at the auditorium of the Department .. Posted on 2016.05.26
photo Department of Pensions is providing relief for the people affected by adverse weather conditions
Pension Department has taken swift action to provide relief for the victims of the inclement weather conditions and has arranged to distribute dry food and material aid to... Posted on 2016.05.23
photo The Department of Pensions celebrate Vesak
The Vesak Full Moon Poya Day is of utmost significance as it marks three major events in the life of Lord Buddha. To celebrate this occasion, the Department of Pensions has organized a variety of programs... Posted on 2016.05.23
photo Surya Mangalyaya of Department of Pensions 2016
Department of Pensions celebrated Surya mangalyaya (Sinhala and Hindu new year) at the Pensioner,s Holiday Resort, Kelaniya on 07.05.2016 with... Posted on 2016.05.13


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