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The WOP registration system is to be changed from 12-02-2016     ***     New Circular 8/2015 on NFC enabled pensioners id released..See circulars      ***      Second E.B Examination for Document Assistant Results Released..See Special Letters

Recent News

photo Sinhala and Tamil New year Celebrations at Department of Pensions .
Along with New Year Celebrations, Pensions department officials ceremonially commenced duties... Posted on 2016.04.19
photo Special training on public relations.
Phase 01 of the special training programme organized in order to enhance the public relations of the staff of the Department has been conducted at the Head Office of Hatton National Bank... Posted on 2016.04.19
photo Officers in SLAS visit the Department of Pensions.
A group of 25 officers in SLAS made an observation visit at the Department of Pensions on 31.03.2016. It was conducted concurrently... Posted on 2016.04.04
photo Interactive Service Counter services for The Former Attorney General
Former Attorney General Y.J.W.Wijethilaka acquired services regarding his future retirement life plans and establishment retirement benefits from Interactive Service Counter of Department of Pensions on 21st of March... Posted on 2016.03.30


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