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photo Apreciations for Bope Poddala D.S.
The effort made to remove anomalies in pension of year 2006 by the Divisional Secretariat, Bope Poddala under the guidance of MR Lalinda Gamage, Divisional Secretary and Mrs. D.P.M.P. Jayaratne, Chief Accountant and with the assistance of staff including officers in charge the subject under Posted on 2015.08.24
photo Upgrading Creativity
Department of Pensions appreciates the officers who prove their talents in the different fields of art. Miss H.A.G.Sathsarani always makes her contribution by way of presenting her creative works Posted on 2015.08.11
photo Behind the screen………
We are well informed that the officers in Divisional and District Secretariats have extended their unwavering support to expedite the payment of pension removing anomalies to pensioners, Posted on 2015.08.11







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